01. Welcome.

Hi, I'm glad you made it here.

I've been working with textiles for a long time. I attended fashion school in Milan, and went on to practice in fashion houses there. I came back home to Calgary to slow down, and explored new ways of working with textiles. Through the process, I discovered a passion for the slow, organic purpose of sustainable fashion. 

So many things in life move quickly. Children get older. Bodies age, change, and betray our memory. The newest technology is outdated before it is fully adapted. Fast fashion companies produce 52 micro-seasons per year, as opposed to the original 2 fashion seasons. Artificial demand has created a surplus of supply that throws out conventions of care and consideration.

Reconnecting with textiles through the natural dye process has grounded me, and reminded me why I love textiles. They are real, tangible, and representative of choice and personality. The natural dye process provides new form and purpose for natural elements in the last stage of life. Choosing practical and ethnical garments shows respect for the process and for sustainability of garments, smaller makers, and life.

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Thank you for stopping by.

- Irene