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Poetic Garments Handmade With Natural Colour & Cloth

  A curated collection of one-of-a-kind garments and accessories, handmade in Canada using only all natural fibers. Designed, sewn and naturally dyed with gifts from the earth and love.

Custom Designs

Choose a garment you love. Gift me your garden blooms, foliage, or special bouquets from a wedding or any meaningful event and I will create something special and unique just for you. Send me a message and we can discuss all the details. 


Aura Silk Robe









I got a silk dress made by Irene in collaboration with my wonderful partner. It was a birthday surprise present months in the making with blindfolded visits to her studio. I must admit I never felt more lucky than when I tried the dress on for the first time. Irene’s creativity and willingness to make something that really expressed my personality was above and beyond. She puts her soul into every piece she makes. I love how the dress looks and how it makes me feel. Free, strong and feminine. To wear a dress that was made just for me,that fits perfect, feels truly special. Thank you, Irene.


I love Irene's work because it ticks all the boxes of what clothing should be as we move forward in our fragile world: slow, ethical, sustainable, eternal. Her alchemical process is a wonder and the results pure art.(Warning: when you wear one of her unique pieces be prepared for lots of compliments and who designed this? questions!)


I adore every creation that I own that Irene has created for me. Being a lover of nature and flowers it makes my heart very happy to see how much the botanical have to offer well after the blooms have faded. The process of natural dye as well as the enchanting eco prints have mind-blowing beauty . I always feel special when I am wearing one of Irene's creations. Each garment is made with loads of love and are both practical as well as beautiful. The silk/wool blend scarf that I own is a constant travel companion for both cool evening as well as warm days and it is truly the most versatile item I own. I feel right at home wearing these gorgeous garments in the streets and parks of Calgary or while exploring the ruins in Rome.



Questions and Answers

  • How do I care for my new garment?

    Its easy to care for garments made of natural fibers, and no you do not need to dry clean them. Natural fibers feel great, and help your skin breathe wicking away moisture and regulating your temperature. When you need to wash your garment, use a gentle hand wash cycle in the machine, or hand wash in warm water with a mild detergent and hang to dry. Take some time to iron your garment with some steam. It will feel satisfying to see the crisp impressions of the leaves and texture. And lastly, do not use the dryer. Think about the money you'll save on energy, and how proud you will feel by participating in the slow living movement.
  • What is your return policy?

    If your not fully satisfied with your purchase, I will gladly provide you with an exchange or refund. I want you to be in love with your new garment, so please reach out and we can get things sorted. I only ask that you take care of shipping.
  • How do you forage the plants you use?

    Most of the things I use for dyeing are grown in my backyard. At times I forage from urban landscapes and forest walks, but this is done with the utmost care, making sure the plant continues to thrive and grow in its natural landscape.