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About Me


 A little bit about myself.

I am first generation Canadian, daughter of Italian immigrants. The ways of my Italian heritage run deep. I love Canada, but in my blood, I am always yearning for the old world, which is part of the reason I left home at a young age to attend Fashion Design school in Milan. I lived there for eight years, and they were formative ones. All the things I knew about myself up to then were completely challenged - like believing I didn’t like seafood or blue cheese only because it wasn’t something we ate at home. It turns out I love seafood and blue cheese... and as I’m sure you know, those are very small examples that lend nicely for a greater picture.

 I graduated from design school and went on to work for designers like Gianfranco Ferre and Versace. I look back on those days with so much gratitude and joy, unable to believe how fortunate I was to have been gifted such opportunities. But after some time, I realized it wasn’t the right fit for me. I loved the process and creativity, but not the ambient. Discouraged, I moved back to Canada. I had to start all over again. I continued with creative ventures, along with waitressing and working boring jobs in retail to help pay the bills while searching for a creative practice in textiles that resonated. A weekend workshop just over a decade ago in Natural Dyeing changed everything for me. 

Not only does it provide a sustainable way of creating colour on cloth, this practice became a part of my own self discovery and a gentle teacher in the art of relinquishing control and letting go. There was beauty to be found in decay, and all the cycles life offers us at any given moment through its constant change and evolution. It’s all rather poetic. 

My hope is that the viewer, and wearer of my garments and textiles will feel a deep connection to our natural world, slow down, and find the beauty in their immediate surroundings, as I continue to document the impression of a leaf, the painterly silhouette of a flower, and explore the many gifts natural colour has to offer.

I look forward to sharing new work, new ideas, and new discoveries with you.