The Scarf

They’re back!

Beautiful, light and airy scarves. Made of 63% silk and 37% wool, these scarves feel amazing and sensual. Large enough to wear as a garment by the sea side, (or lake side ;), or use as a shawl, wrap or scarf. There is just enough wool to keep you warm on cool evenings, and silky enough to feel like you’re wearing next to nothing. 

Size: 36X80

  Care: Its easy to care for garments made of natural fibres! And no, you don't need to dry clean them. Natural fibers help your skin and body breathe, and they feel great on your skin. So if and when you do need to wash, you can wash them on a gentle cycle in the machine or if you're concerned, handwash with a mild detergent and hang to dry. Low iron with some steam is a must. The colour and prints are so much more prominent and crisp. Just don't throw it in the dryer. Think about the money you'll save on energy, and how proud you will feel by participating in the slow living movement. :)

Any questions? Please email me. I'm always happy to chat. :)


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